Matt Burke, Owner

WGCR-Web-1Aloha,  it turns out you’re a golf enthusiast, just like me! I’m Matt Burke: welcome to my website. We offer all you’ll need to satisfy your golfing and vacationing needs here in Waikiki.

Don’t strain your back lugging those clubs through crowded terminals! Don’t pay that exorbitant baggage fee! Avoid all those expensive and frustrating hassles and rent a top-grade set of clubs right here on the island, delivered to your door. We even provide transport to all the finest courses.

Our complete club rental sets are ready-to-go. The moment you connect with, you’ll be saving precious time and money while enjoying our gorgeous courses.

Our golf professionals are like you: they have travelled everywhere in pursuit of the perfect experience, so let our experience ease your planning. We know the local golf courses, their pluses and minuses: helping you select the appropriate choice from the many courses  is where we can be most helpful.Tee times and confirming your course reservations are available on a daily or weekly basis.

In addition to providing for your golfing needs, we also assist with suggesting comfortable accommodations and provide shopping and dining recommendations.

In addition to club rentals, we also sell a full line of top-notch accessories, everything from golf balls, gloves and rental shoes.

As soon as you land in the Aloha State, Waikiki Golf Club Rentals is here to serve you. I’m Matt Burke: please give me a call so we can get started.